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Getting Ready for School...

The Pre-School room is for children aged three and up. It is large and spacious with lots of opportunities to explore and learn. The children predominantly learn through child initiated play experiences and adult supported activities.

School Readiness
A child’s experiences in this room are key to making the transition to school as smooth and successful as possible, whilst also ensuring they are always having fun! During the last few months of Pre-School the staff will provide and promote opportunities for the children to achieve the following:

  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Independence
  • To be able to listen
  • To follow simple instructions
  • To understand and accept basic rules & behaviour boundaries
  • To have the motivation to question and learn
  • To recognise their own name and belongings
  • To get dressed, fasten shoes and coat
  •  To toilet themselves

To apply for your child's place, simply download a registration and email it back to us here